As it turns out the people here only like to slow-dance so your upbeat song fills them with rage and they TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB OH MY GOD PSYCHO TOWN.\n\nBad end
You pull out your rusty Dobro and perform your best blues number. It wasn't bad but you think you could have played better if you weren't sitting in the dirt. \n\nYou didn't notice before but there is a guy standing next to you wearing a polka-dot vest and a panama. He smiles at you and asks you if you're sure you made the right decision. \n\n[[You're sure]]\n[[You have no idea what's going on]]
You march onward with the resolve of a Russian soldier. The air grows colder and thinner while you struggle to breath. You feel your consciousness drift away slowly and you allow yourself to fall into a deep slumber. \n\n[[Wake up]]\n[[Sleep]]
You find yourself at a crossroad. The path splits two ways and there is a sign at the center of the fork that reads "Go North but never turn back" on one plank and "You must always head South" on the other. Facing down the northern path you see only despair and a thick fog. The southern path looks nice enough.\n\nYou also recall a story you heard about playing blues at the crossroads, though you concede the rumors are dubious at best.\n\n[[Go North]]\n[[I must always head South]]\n[[Pull out your guitar and play the blues.]]
You awaken to a dog licking your face and then it EATS YOUR FACE AND YOU DIE.\n\nBad End
You choose the obviously correct answer and head south. Its not until the full moon arises that you realize that you were a werewolf this entire time. \n\nYou strut around growling at rabbits before you stare down at your hairless hands and the illusion is broken. You were never a werewolf you just wanted to be so badly.\n\n[[Become upset]]\n[[Carry on]]
As you cut through the fog your heart starts to weigh heavy with your sins. You feel there is only doom this way. \n\n[[Turn back]]\n[[Stay the course]]
The moment you step off the path you feel the ground slip out from under you. You tumble into an endless void and keep tumbling until you cease to think and become a shell of a person.\n\nBad End
THERE IS NO TURNING BACK\n\n[[Follow the path]]
You flee into the woods but your frail bones and weak muscles can only take you so far. One of the villagers nails you in the leg with a Winchester, and you tumble down a hill into a nest of wolves and they EAT YOUR BODY.\n\nBad End
You turn back regardless of the prior warning and instantly you are swept up by a cold wind. A thousand hands reach at you through the fog and grope about you tearing and scratching. It hurts and then you die. \n\nBad End
You're not sure why but you're compelled to slam your forehead against the old man's face. He falls backwards as you wipe the blood off your skin. When he hits the ground, hundreds of small jewels fall from his robes and scatter about. \n\nA few younger men come running along from further down the path armed with rifles. You caught the jewel theif, they scream. \n\nYou smile proudly until they aim their guns at you. Now you remember that you're black and this is like in the 1920's American south and they SHOOT YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE RACISTS. \n\nBad end
The man in the vest and hat reveals a parchment and quill, and pricks your finger for blood ever so lightly. \n\nYou sign on the dotted line and initial in a few places. You didn't notice before but he's completely gone now. Oh well, he wasn't very talkative anyway. \n\nYou start to wonder if maybe your observational skills are completely worthless as you didn't notice that the crossroads had changed at all. Before where there were two paths now contained only one path. \n\n[[Follow the path]]\n[[Turn back from where you came from]]
You mumble something in confusion before you realize how badly you've bungled things. You fear your bungling may have cost you your life AND IT DID YOU'RE DEAD THE GUY KILLS YOU.\n\nBad End
You move on from tragedy with inhuman resolve. Don't get me wrong though -- you are still 100% human and not a supernatural creature.\n\nAs you travel you remember you are deeply in love with someone and being seperated from that person fills your heart with despair. You're familiar with the phrase "absence makes the heart grow stronger" but you also think it would be funny if it actually made you hate them more for some reason. \n\nWhile you are musing to yourself about love and hate, and old man approaches you. He appears to be unarmed and very frail. \n\n[[Headbutt]]\n[[Ignore him]]
Everyone in the bar gets real deep and moody, and they start swaying back and forth like zombies. The barkeep pays you for a job well done. \n\nGood end
You follow the path for what seems like hours but it no end enters your sight. You consider stepping off the path. \n\n[[Step off the path]]\n[[No, continue along the path]]
How could you have known the village had a tradition of killing their denizens after a certain age. Oh well now YOU'RE DEAD THEY KILLED YOU.\n\nBad End
You ignore the old man and he ignores you just the same. A bunch of younger guys with rifles run by you but one of them shoves you rudely for no reason at all. You consider shouting an offensive remark at him but you remember he has a gun and will probably shoot your face. \n\nYou fantasize about being a werewolf and tearing his butt off but you quickly snap back into reality when you reach a small village. \n\nThe bar is the first place you visit because that is where you will find work. The barkeep says you can play your guitar in the corner and he'll pay you as long as the people dance.\n\n[[Play an upbeat song]]\n[[Play a depressing song]]
You let the cold take you and sleep eternally in the comfort of FUCKING FREEZING ICE. \n\nBad End
You become absolutely inconsolable. You run off the path and come across a farmer's house. You kick down the mailbox during your tantrum and the farmer steps out of his home and SHOOT YOU NOW YOU'RE DEAD. \n\nBad end.
You continue on for as long as it takes and finally arrive at a small town. The first person to greet you is a small child playing in the dirt.\n\n"What are you doing here, geezer?"\n\nYou recoil at the rude comment but realize you've grown incredibly old, and your bones feel weak. Had it really been that long on the path? You guess. \n\nSome of the townspeople slink out of their homes like shadows emerging during a sunset. You notice that nobody seems to be very old. \n\n[[Greet them]]\n[[Flee]]

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